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Sino color 909027 weiss-mohn
Sino color 909052 weiss-apricot
Sino color 909016 weiss-melon
Sino color 909063 weiss-opal
Sino color 909031 weiss-friesenblau
Sino color 909081 weiss-orchidee




Graser Mako satin is one of the finest silk-like Mako satins available. Only first class long fibre material such as this can be so finely spun ( 100/135 meters of this yarn weights approximately 1 gram). The Swiss weaving mills are among only a handful worldwide, that are still capable of weaving this fine yarn to such a smooth high density satin.

Mako satin yarn is mercerised in order to retain it `s elegant lustre which remains a constant feature no matter how many times the material is washed.


Schonwaschgang bei 60°C Schonend trocknen Bügeln mit max. 3 Punkte Nicht chemisch reinigen Nicht bleichen